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Www.gmail.com login sign up sign inWidely using a mail service in current personal and professional communication in the internet world is gmail. Google is offering gmail mail exchanger worldwide. Gmail service started initially in 2004 and released beta version. www.Gmail.com service offered only 1GB storage space at the time of release beta version.Later times space is increased 2GB and prolonged to 4GB.Gmail offers only 25MB attachments and in this attachment it will accept only images, Files and music files. It will restrict few extension to avoid the brute force attacks on www.Gmail.com servers.

Gmail service presently not allows any .exe extension and software uploads via www.Gmail.com service. If anyone try to upload the software related file users will receive the file with the warning message that attachment is harmful before open scan the attachment. It is a security precaution to the users. For further brief www.gmail.com discussion here is the simple tutorials for www.Gmail.com login, www.Gmail.com signin and www.Gmail.com Signup.

Tutorials For www.Gmail.com Signup (New Gmail account)

  • There is no restriction for signup gmail account, expect People who aged more than 18years only have the right to account.
  • Once enter in Gmail signup page it will ask several information to signup.
  • User first name and last name. Based on these names email address recognization will be simple.
  • Unique user name should be enter ,if already allocated the desired user name it is not possible to reuse twice in Gmail.
  • For security checkup need to enter your mobile number this will help to retrieve the unique code which will sent from the google servers for retrieve the mail account information.
  • Password for user name should be Alphanumaric with special character.
  • Another security setting in gmail sign up is referring email address. Need to enter the email address it will also helpful to retrieve the lost or forget password.
  • Choose your location that will be geographical locator.
  • Final step is to accept the Google terms and policies.

Gmail sign up create new account www.gmail.com

Steps To Sign in or Login www.Gmail.com account

  • After create Gmail account there are few steps to login or signin your account.
  • Account activation process will take 30millisec.
  • Go to the browsers and type the web url gmail.com to open the Gmail signin.
  • It will ask for the user name and password.
  • Enter the user name in two ways that are only user name or complete email address in both ways it will accept to log to www.Gmail.com.
  • In first login gmail.com will ask to store the passwords in browsers history. For personal computers people will store the passwords in browsers to simplify the future logins.
  • Once login to gmail automated mails will be inbox from Gmail servers. Welcome mail and login successful mails will be in the default mails in inbox.
  • If you need to change any personal settings your can do from the settings.

Gmail login sign in www.gmail.com

Gmail Features Offered By Google To Users

Google is offering several services free of cost to users. In this Gmail high usage feature are offered to the users. Few features that are offering for Gmail users,

Google Drive:

For www.Gmail.com users Google drive is the most preferable and high utilization feature. Users hold document in Laptops or external drives,USB drives. It is not possible for all time to carry some device along with us.In this case Gmail signin Drive help to store the documents online and we can download anywhere too. In google drive we can upload Word Documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files, Also it is offering to upload the images to Google drive.

While upload any files Google drive automatically scan each document and store int he storage drive. So there is no question of files corruption. Google store all the files in Cloud storage area. Fast and reliable access Google cloud storage will help to users. Currently Google Drive storage capacity is 10GB.Google Drive app also simplify the upload from local computer. Once you install Google Drive app in local system icon will store in the Taskbar and it will continuously communicate with online Google cloud storage drive. With double click any document preview will open the same window. If you need any modification on the files like Word document, Excel files and PowerPoint presentation, it is easy to do online it. It is not required Microsoft office to modify, delete, and create the files. Every option was inbuilt and integrated in Google Drive only. We can upload large number of files at a time in Google drive.

Labels and Tabs:


www.Gmail.com introduced new features to separate the mails. If we get any promotional mails and social media mails Tabs will help to separate the mails. Tabs are three types, Primary, Social, Promotions. Primary Tab will store the mails from the authorized and inbox contacts. It is similar to old Inbox service. Social tab is like store the updates and request and news from the social media. Social media websites Linkdin,Facebook,twitter regular following users updates and request mails will directly store in Social Tab. Last one is Promotions is the like advertise mails and email marketing mails will store in Promotions. Instead of select each mails and separating tabs option will save lot of time from the combine mails. Each mails according to the service like social, contacts, promotions it will store in the tabs automatically.


Another simplify your mails work Label option will segregate the each mails in separate labelled folders. Labels need to create manually and later times mails will store automatically in labels. For example to store the office mails, Personal mails, Important mails, Different mails account users mails will store in one folder it is good option. Simple create the labels ,after that go to settings and create filters. In filters give the label and give the email address of the account from which mail account mails will store in the labels. As per the Label names we can find the emails when those mails sent and list of the all the mails from the specified users or mentioned mail address.,

Undo Send :

Some times we will draft the big mail and proposed with strong words and send the mails.Incase realize to stop the mails which is already sent.We have the extraordinary option in gmail that stop to receive the other users and undo the sent mail.In www.Gmail.com settings we need to configure that how much time need to wait to undo the sending even after sent the mails. So that we can revert back the mails and stop it immediately. So that it can save some of us from the critical situations.

www.Gmail.com Backup Copy Or Forward Copy:

Gmail backup or forwarder option gives you better backup the mail service. Offering Forward we can send the mail in multiple accounts that also store the incoming mails in different mails. This option like save a copy or duplicate the same mail in the different accounts. If the original mail was deleted from www.gmail.com in unfortunate situation we can retrieve the mail from the other mails. In some organization we need to send the mails to others and few cases redirect the mails also. So we have to set the Forward and mention the particular email address to send the copy.

Manage redirection also come under this option. If any mails will come to the particular email address it will redirected email account. So that redirected mails wills to the redirected address.

Gmail Signature:

If user want to set the own signature there is option in settings. Click on Settings and goto General settings. Default there is no signature for the users. It is a customized and need to update the details manually. Enable the signature option and Enter the complete details. Very usual Name and designation, Contact details are the mentionable details in signature. After compose signature will come automatically under the mail. If the signature is not coming automatically after configure once Gmail signout and Signin that will update this option. Signature is very official symbol to represent yourself in the mail communication.

www.Gmail.com Accounts And Import

To change your account settings like change the password Under Accounts and Import there is option for this. Also we can change the account recovery settings like email recovery and mobile recovery. Gmail is the first mail exchanger that is providing mail aliases it will help to mask the original sender and receiver will see the new mail aliases.

Contact imports option also enable in Gmail. If any user want to import their email contacts from the other mail providers like yahoo,hotmail,AOl and webmail pop3 accounts. With the import contact option we can get all the mail contacts to www.Gmail.com contacts.

GTalk And Hangouts

Gmail is offering free chat panel along with the mail service. Using chat panel we can communicate other Gmail account users who are added in contacts list. Google stopped Gtalk and instead of that updated Hangouts.After signin your Gmail signin hangouts will come in left panel. Using Hangouts we can make Video calls and send the small size files.Hangouts hold the features to store the chat history and if need to stop the history record simple switchoff record will stop the history of the chat.Group chat option also enable in hangouts.So that multiple people will communicate via chat panel at a time.

Gmail Themes

Gmail themes are spread the multiple colors and customized images in the background that will change the screen appearance. Once user login from Gmail Signin background will change and appearance will be update. In previous www.Gmail.com this feature was not there in recent times only Gmail started. Customized background need to upload the images or any gif files so that based on patterns background screen will adjust automatically. People who want to change the default appearance of the Gmail background Themes option will helpful to modify the look and impressive output too.

Gmail Mobile Notifications:

Gmail access from the Smartphone’s are very common now a days so www.Gmail.com introduced few restrictions that are enable to access the mail service in smartphones and store the same copy in mobile and desktop too. Until Mobile access is not enabling Gmail login will not possible from any smartphone and it will prompt with invalid login. It is also bit complicate if the account will try more than three times account will lock in even desktop.So while configuring in smartphones or mobile Tablets enable the option in Gmail that Mobile access feature enable.

Google is offering Gmail storage capacity for individual users is 15GB. User can go to Gmail signin and check the space in the bottom. But more than half of regular Gmail users are not sufficient with 15GB storage capacity. In this case Google is offering Google Apps For business edition and Enterprise editions. In both plans for Gmail account there will be separate control panel to manage the single or multiple users.If any user forget the password of that account also from the control panel we can reset the password and access without any interrupt. This panel is called Google Apps Admin panel.In Business plan google is offering 50GB Space of each individual accounts and Enterprise will be 100GB storage for Gmail.If anyone need more space also there is option to increase from the admin control panel. These two plans are paid and per user account need to pay $50 – $60.

Google Apps also introduced new offers for webhosting providers to integrate the mail service with Gmail.So any domain will use gmail service from the official company mail id.These people also use the same gmail login page like www.gmail.com to signin their company account. Google focused to expand their business in mail exchange market. Google is the first company which mail separate mail exchange with reverse DNS.So there is 0% mail bounce from gmail.Users will accurate to send and receive the mail from Gmail service. www.Gmail.com storage servers are replicas that always stores the backup copies in remote servers.

Because of the replica users are able to login their Gmail login in fraction of seconds in the similar way their Gmail signout also possible in milli seconds. This cycle is continues and large number of Gmail signin are going worldwide web from www.gmail.com. There is no tolerance for any incoming and outgoing also.

Few users are much familiar with the Microsoft products for this also Gmail offers integrate mail service with the local Microsoft outlook. It is very easy to configure in local outlook. Once you configure the Gmail service in Outlook it is not required to open Gmail from www.gmail.com in the web url and Gmail login.Simple open the outlook it will automatically sync with the online and download the mails from Gmail to local machine. Also we can send the mails from the local outlook only.Each send and receive mails will store in www.Gmail.com and records the history of the mail service. Outlook is the best option for the www.Gmail.com users interms of easy the process to avoid every time to open in the browsers and enter the user name and password details.

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