www.FB.com Login & Sign up – How to Create New Account

Www.FB.comIf you are using Facebook fan, then you must have got many friends. Also you must have got involved into many other recreational activities which include posting of photos and sharing of the same with friends, updating of status and many other recreational activities. Also, you are dealing with the most popularly known social networking site.

Common Ways to Access www.FB.com Login/Sign in

It is harsh truth that Facebook is one of the most commonly used website utilized for the purpose of social networking. But it is unfortunate to hear that this particular website is very much prone to phishing, harmful virus attack and dangerous spamming. These are the most common causes which lead to problems associated with logging in.

Some of the most common ways to get access to FB login include:

  • Valid mail id which has been listed on the account of Facebook.
  • Opting for the username which will be the personalized URL for Facebook.
  • Lastly it is the mobile number in case you desire to login to your specific account with the help of your mobile phone. While entering, it is mandatory to include complete phone number, country code special characters, signs and many more.

www.fb.com login sign in FB account

Reported Problems Regarding Logging In

These are some of the common ways to get access to your account in a legal way. But do you always get easy access to your account? The answer is definitely apologetic! Some of the most commonly reported problems related to logging in include:

  • Forgetting the password. In such case you need to reset the same by a new one.
  • In case of easy reactivation of the account it is mandatory to login into the account with the help of login id as well as password.
  • Sometimes you must have got the report regarding non availability of the account. Then you need to presume that the particular website has been held for the maintenance purpose.

No doubt remains about the fact that Facebook is among the most enjoyable websites which enables an individual to stay in contact and touch with family, friends, colleagues and many more. Even for recreational purposes like playing of games you may join specific groups and have a good leisure time. But if you become a bit careless regarding your personal details attached with the FB login account, hen this golden platform may turn to be the best place for spammers and other dangerous intruders.

Tutorials For www.FB.com Signup (New Gmail account)

You can connect with friends and the world around you if you have the account on Facebook. Want to know the procedure for www.facebook.com sign up? Here I am sharing this simple and easy procedure. You would need just two minutes to get your new Facebook account and can connect to your friends and family anytime.

www.fb.com sign up create new FB account

Steps to follow:

  • Open your internet explorer /Mozilla or whatever software you are using to connect to the internet. In the address bar Go to www.facebook.com. A page with blue background will appear. Yes, this is facebook.com sign up page.
  • On the right of this page, there you will see the word ‘sign up’ displayed. Below this there will be the first dialogue box showing ‘First name ‘. Type your first name on it. Beside this there is another box showing ‘Last name ‘write there your last name.
  • Under the name bar there is a dialogue box displaying ‘Email or mobile number’. Type your mobile number or email. You must have a valid Email or mobile number because you will get the confirmation message on your mentioned email address before you can use the full mode of this social website you can confirm your email address by clicking on the link that will be sent to your email. If you entered your mobile number then you will get the code via text message to your number which you will be required to confirm by typing in the confirm box that you will see when you log in.
  • Next there is a box for ‘new password’. Here, type your desired password. This will be the password you will be entering for log in and also for making any change in the settings for your account. (Make sure that you do not share your password with anyone).
  • Below there is an automatic calendar displaying the icons for ‘month’, ‘day’ and ‘Year’. You may need this later for confirmation if you forget your account password.
  • Select the gender option in the next given check boxes.
  • Read out the terms and data policy for getting more about the data regulations by the Facebook. com
  • Now all the required data has been filled. Click the green button below mentioning “Sign up”.
  • You will get the activation link and code on your email and mobile number respectively. By clicking that link in your email, you will be routed to your Facebook account logged in.
  • Yes! You have logged in your new Facebook account.
  • Next Facebook will ask you to search your email account’s friends. You can do this at the same time or skip this step by pressing the button ‘skip ‘ option and continue with sign up process.
  • Further your profile info will be asked about your high school, college and employer etc. you can skip it as well
  • Upload your favorite profile photo from your computer or take the new one with your webcam. You can skip this process during facebook.com sign up and start using your Facebook account to share your moments with your friends all around the world.

Right Path of FB Signing In

While going ahead for the purpose of signing in, it is better to type “facebook.com” on the address bar present at the above. Soon you will be getting the home page opened in front of you on the screen. In case of a public computer, either the sign in page or previous user’s page will get displayed. In such cases, it is better to click on the option “Account” available on the toolbar and finally select logout option. You will conclude with the homepage of FB login.

Now you are on the right path of signing in. You need to enter your registered username or email id along with the exact password to get access to your account. Hence the best time has come to enjoy all the associated features. Please remember that passwords are case sensitive. A little bit difference between uppercase and lowercase letters may result preventing you from logging into your own personal account. Hence it is requested to be duly careful and attentive.

Problems Associated with FB Username and Password

But while using you must have faced some problems while logging in. Not only you, many are becoming prey to this common problem associated with FB login. Among all sorts of problems the most common type of problem faced by maximum users includes those associated with username and password. Also you must have got error messages along with other problems related to display of page at the time of login.

Resetting of FB Password

But stop worrying! Good news is waiting for you! A couple of options are available in the form of best solutions to solve the problems associated with login page. In order to begin, you can simply request for resetting of the password in a straight forward manner at Facebook. This option is available at the beginning of the page. Holding of a valid email address chosen fit for registering the Facebook account is enough. In other words, it is considered to be the ideal solution to sort out the problems at an ease.

Additionally, you can also go ahead for some renowned password manager which include Last pass for storing FB login details. This will also assist you in filling up of the form in an automatic manner at the login page. It has been observed and stated clearly that the first group of problems are really simple to fix up. Problem regarding loading of the page may consist of a couple of sources.

Browsers among whom Password Manager is Common

In case the website does not get loaded completely or starts displaying old as well as odd information then it becomes mandatory to clear the cache. You may also access Facebook by using some other web browser. By applying this particular method, it will be easy for you to log in to the website easily. A number of browsers support password manager among which the most common ones are:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firebox

The Facebook support comprises of password along with login page. This simply state multiple questions regarding FB login for the purpose of pertaining the login procedure. In general there exist two main categories which pertain to the Facebook problems related to login. They are:

  • Page Loading
  • Facebook Login

Solution to Persisting Problems Regarding FB Login and Loading

The problem regarding loading of the page is though simple to fix as it consists of a couple of sources. It can be resolved by simply waiting for some minutes. It may be retried for the second time as well. Also the problem related to the Internet service provider can be easily sorted out.

In case of Windows, the tracert command has been recognized as the best to check the establishment of connection with Facebook. By pressing the Windows R, you can easily prompt the command followed by typing “cmd” and finally hitting the enter button. Also you may fetch a bunch of valuable suggestions to come out of the persisting problem.

Role of FB Hackers and Spammers

Being a computer savvy it is high time for you to know that the hackers as well as internet spammers are well trained to create and design similar pages. They are generally designed to gather personal information of the users. As soon as you log into this fake page, the hackers take this opportunity to misuse your account by sending irrelevant messages to your friends. As they are known to feature poor web link, it may also steal the details of the friends attached as well.

Also they send slang images and videos to your friends. Sometimes they ask for a click to promote any particular image or video to promote the same. As soon as you click on them, they will steal all your personal details. Also they may create several pages with the help of those fetched information. Some of the best ways to avoid such mishaps regarding FB login include:

  • Avoid the activity of sharing the password with anybody.
  • Changing of the password frequently.
  • Closing of those pages immediately which suddenly ask for personal details

If you are new to the world of Facebook, and want to enjoy the glory of the social networking site then you must hold a firm grip regarding the login process and best procedure regarding usage. After successfully signing up with Facebook, it is assumed that you know the basic knowledge and have a safe and secured account.

Facebook Promoting Companies and Brands

It must be noted that apart from being the best site for social networking, FB login has been well recognized for promoting products as well as the associated business towards the top heights. Services regarding coupons and tickets can also be availed and further promoted. The task of signing up is quite simple along with being instantaneous. As soon as an account is created on Facebook, a particular record regarding settings gets added to the main database.


Details Must For Creating Account

The stream of details includes name, email id, username and password. Whenever you desire to access your account, it is mandatory to face the login form where you are supposed to enter the credentials which may include username as well s password. The ways of signing in varies from one computer system to another. In case office computer, cyber café, school computer, library computer; it is recommended to remain private after logging in. As they are used by lots of people at a time, chances regarding leakage of data exist.

Confirming the Hands of Intruders in Account

If you are on the way to a number of internet cafes for a countless number of times, then can you be confirm whether some intruder’s hands had been into your account? In case of experts everything is possible. But for others the method of prevention is very much simple. You must have seen the check box namely “Remember me” under the text boxes of e-mail and password. In case the option is selected during FB login, you are definitely on the way of security access. To be broad, the browser will prevent automatic signing into the Facebook account the next time. This option has been considered to be the best in case of personal computers which may include desktop and laptops as well.

Not Familiar with Facebook – Get Obsolete from the World

It has aptly remarked by somebody that today if a person has no account in Facebook he is considered to be among the obsolete guys. In other words, he is considered to be out of the world. Launched in 2004, it has been known to be a social networking site which has gained immense popularity all around. For few years it has gained immense popularity due to which it has more than 500 million users at present.

Ranging from infants to aged men, everybody has started taking the privilege associated with FB login account. You must have met your dearest ones after years in Facebook itself. Through chatting and activity of sharing pictures, you can easily be in touch with each other regardless of the point that they remain no more.

Enjoying Facts associated with Facebook

In the last seven years it has proved itself in the field of changing the face of communication from dark to bright one.   In order to enjoy all the facilities available you simply need to have a valid account. You can enjoy the following facilities:

  • Chatting with friends
  • Sending of pictures
  • Inviting friends
  • Searching friends
  • Sharing of pictures and videos and many more.

It will take hardly five minutes to create a new account in Facebook. In order to create an account you simply need a valid e-mail id along with a strong password. Presently, it has been observed that users of FB login are facing the risk associated with exposing of the accounts to the second party especially in public places. Those third party users log into their account in an illegal way that too regardless of any consent.

Common Mistakes Made by People

Many people forget to log out from their accounts before leaving the system and handling the same to another user. Also they quite often forget to unclick the” keep me logged in” box while logging into the account. As a result the person sitting next gets the chance to do some irrelevant and inadvertent errors into the account. They may include:

  • Changing password
  • Deleting pictures
  • Posting anything irrelevant on the wall

In order to prevent such mishaps, it is advised to avoid clicking the “keep me logged in” box when you are on the way to FB login. As a result, if you exit the page by simply clicking the top right corner, the person coming next to you needs to reenter the password of the account in order to hold access. Hence, you may solely rely on the protection of your account.

Role of New Browsers

With the introduction of new browsers, the logging in procedure has been made quite easier by enabling the selected browser to remember almost all details while signing into the account. While using public computer it is better not to allow the browser to remember the password. In such case, the login details will remain safe and secured hence preventing misuse of your account. Though it is not possible to trust each and everybody, be careful enough while requesting for assistance.

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