The Carbon Atom School Project

Finally we had the atoms done … next!

There’ll be more projects towards the end of the school year next year that’s for sure, but for now we finally had the Carbon Atom structure done. My son is in Grade Six and this is what their teacher required them to do.

Just in case you want some idea, these are the materials we used to make it.

Styro board  1/2 an inch in thickness, choosing the width is your sole discretion you might want a bigger circle – that all depends on your choice;

Styro Balls, there are a variety of this size – again your choice, for this project we used the smallest for the neutrons and for the protons, my son colored them red and blue using;

Poster Colors (Red, Blue and Green to color the atom orbit)

Sharp Cutter for shaping the styro board;

Glue Gun;

Label your project;
Lots of patience and time.

This project took us only about an hour to make. Another option would be to make a mobile, I could have opted for that style, but I did insist since my son said it should be mounted on an illustration board.

I just made some inputs on how to do this, but mainly he did it … What I did was only to cut the styro since I find it so dangerous for him to hold such a sharp thing, but he did all the polishings and paintings.

As a teacher myself, always pass your assignments, projects on time, teachers will always have a heart to those students who show effort in every project they’re assigned to do.

And to moms, let your kids do their stuff, let them think how to make ‘diskarte’ on their own and is it is always nice to do projects way ahead of the deadline to avoid cramming and hottie heads … you know mom’s mouth sometimes – we can’t help it but say something not nice … children will get discouraged and often moms end up doing the project.

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Comments: 10

  1. Grace 2011/12/14 at 2:25 PM Reply

    Nice kau maam verns… science teacher baya ako mama..

  2. John 2011/12/14 at 2:27 PM Reply

    I love your experiment maam… with matching explanation pa.

  3. Mai @ MaiThreeBoyz 2011/12/14 at 3:17 PM Reply

    hahaha, natawa ako sa lots of patience and time! good job to your sixth grader!

  4. emzkie 2011/12/15 at 1:57 AM Reply

    good one mommy Verns! we should let our kids do their thing, that way they will learn. =)
    hope u can drop by my entries for WW.

    THank U!

  5. January 2011/12/15 at 9:41 AM Reply

    hehehe.. murag pud ko ani nga time ate Vernz dugay-dugay pa nuon hehe

    Visiting from WW

  6. Leah H. 2011/12/15 at 1:40 PM Reply

    That is a lot of works:(

    Visiting for WW! Hope you can visit mine too:)

  7. Rovie 2011/12/15 at 8:56 PM Reply

    Kalisod man ana maam vernz oi.. Hehehe

    Siguro makatuon ko ug ahat kung mag school na si Bella…

  8. Pinx 2011/12/16 at 10:11 PM Reply

    awwsss…. nice ang output mommy Verrnz! salamat sa laag pud!

  9. raya 2011/12/20 at 6:41 PM Reply

    wow!! great job, Mama Ma’am! hehehe.. thanks for joining WW, Verns! visiting as a host and from my entry,

  10. Help For Families 2011/12/23 at 11:51 AM Reply

    The project brings back memories during my teenage years. When I was in high school we’re making this. Never encountered such assignments on primary.

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