Mommy reflections: Of kids and music

Guess every mother having a full hand over their children’s school activity can relate to me saying, they’re more stressed than their kids.

Oh yeah, I too have my fair share of pressure and even until the moment I am typing this post, I still have to call someone and arrange this entertainment stint. Their music class is putting up a band, yeah a band, that’s how exactly what they told me. OK, but oh no, not okay, instruments are expensive even those on rentals. Hence, the mother is so apprehensive.


Guess just have to rent kid drum set for them, but even that I think is expensive. Seriously, I want them to play, but knowing this group, they’ll likely abandon the instruments after their interest faded.

But being a mom guess my role is just to support them. So let’s get the drum rolls.

Bug Shield your kids: 100% natural mosquito repellant

There are a hundred repellant brands in the market today that promised protection of our kids from Dengue carrying mosquitos. They may sound so promising but they’re actually chemical based and poses more harm than protect our children.

It’s been a while since we have been using Bug Shield, a 100% natural mosquito repellant that is a product of Human Nature, an eco-friendly brand based and manufactured in the Philippines, whose advocacy is to promote a sustainable economic enterprise that is pro-poor, pro-environment and pro-Philippines.

This is a Deet-free topical oil, Deet is a kind of pesticide that kills insects, if it’s a pesticide then it’s poisonous, hence, we avoid such to get into our kids’ delicate and fragile skin. Bug Shield is formulated to be free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.

Want to try? Visit your nearest Human Nature center or order from their website at

Have you tried using mood enhancing herbs?

 photo fresh-herb-basket.jpgAre you looking for best natural mood enhancing apothecary products? Yes, those herbal based products that are not harmful and poses no overdose every time you use it. I’ve found this site that sells spiritual powders that help enhance one’s mood like give you a lift from depression, stress and even anxiety.

I’ve long been convinced about the ability of herbs to improve our moods, in fact they’re the same herbal formulas that were used by our ancestors for the same purpose. And isn’t it grand that in this modern space and time, we still have the same available? In fact, it can be scored online. sells herbal party enhancers, spiritual dusts, herbal incense and other energy boosting herbs. All of their products are not available in other site so you can be sure of the authenticity. Check out their site and choose your mood enhancing formula today.

Surprise your dearest with flowers today

Aren’t they lovely? If you ask me that then I’ll say they’re exquisite. When was the last time you send a bunch of gorgeous flowers to your mom, your friend, your wife, your husband or just randomly anyone you love? Ask me that again, ‘twas months back, I sent a bouquet to a friend as a peace offering; glad she accepted it and we’re back to the way we were before. Well, we’re just like that – love-war, war-love girl relationship, nothing really serious.

But if you’re serious about reaching out to one good old friends, a long lost loved one, a favorite mentor or just anybody you randomly thought of to be important to you, sending them beautiful flowers can really melt their hearts, for sure, such a simple gesture can really go a long way and can forever be remembered.

Don’t forget to catch some ProFlowers coupon codes, they’ll save you lots of bucks, so start picking your flower combo right now, and if it’s not too much to ask, I’d love to have a bunch of these tulips, just lovely! Will yah?


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