What’s your family’s summer travel plan?

What’s your family’s summer travel plan?

Hello there!

It’s been a little while since the last time I’ve posted on this blog. I was out of my blogging dashboard mending things I deem necessary to let me go back writing on this blog in peace again. Yeah, we all have this life’s slump moments, right? But what’s important is that we always believe that there’s always a good and beneficial resolution for everybody to finding our way out of our setbacks.

Well, I guess I did a good job and now I’m sanely back and currently prepping for our road trip to Britania Islands. I really find it necessary to bring the children out of their usual environment once in a while. Well, even adults need to shift gears and wind down a bit too.


Pinypon in the house

My daughter has progressed, if that’s the app term, from playing Barbie to Lalaloopsy to another set of rubber toys far from looking like the two mentioned. They’re way too small, they look far too different too. Her friends have been talking about them every time they have this girl talk.

They’re also a bit pricey for the size. But unlike Barbie and Lalaloopsy where the dress can be changed, these Pinypon dolls, they actually have names, I wasn’t able to ask,  are all different as you can change entirely the look of the doll. The whole rubber hair and the head can be pulled out and can be interchanged. It also has its accessories sold separately and I wonder why they’re priced that stiff when they’re so tiny.

I always have this argument with his father because he always promise to buy whenever his daughter hits the target grade and my daughter always prove her point to get what she wanted in exchange. So now, she has a boxful of rubber dolls with tiny bags, shoes and many more under her bed.

 photo Pinypon.jpg

Street kids and street music

 photo Street_musician.jpgIf and when one day the streets of Davao City will have people making music like these guys, maybe I’ll go in peace and with a smile in my face. If only I have this gift to play any instrument, I really would devote time of my life teaching street children how to play one. I thought it’ll be safer if they’ll just stay in one corner playing, than roaming around begging. I know for certain this kind of endeavor will give them a good expanse of self-respect and value who they are as a person. Not just asking money but asking money and give something in return – their music.


Be a settled mom – invest on air purifier

 photo airpurifier-1.jpgI woke up grinning ear to ear today, blessings came flooding from personal liquidity to simple usual things like chatting with a cousin online and sipping hot brewed on the side, I really thank the Almighty for this awesome, unfussy lVisualuxury.

But more than all these petty treats is a celebration of life that after long bumpy journey to conceiving, this couple cousin of mine finally had their bundle of joy healthy and bouncy. Well, nothing much to worry on their side except that it’s spring in Ohio and pollens are all over the place and the paint still stinks after they had their whole house overhauled – obviously babies are very vulnerable to harmful outdoor and indoor pollutants like these, babies still have little lungs and would require much of them to process these impurities – but I really salute the mom – although it’s quiet an expensive investment, she bought this Austin air purifier to keep her child’s room free from airborne allergens, pollens and dust possibly coming from their carpet and that besides the hair coming from Oscar – their three year-old Labrador.

Well, I think given this technology there is no doubt – Karina, it’s their baby’s name, will grow healthy and lovely.


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