Why moms should have at least a pair of valuable jewelry

mother's-ringI’m not really into jewelry; blame it to my birth religion. I got used to believing in the doctrine that does not allow believers to have adornments in the body. The dogma stems from the idea that one’s ascension to heaven has bearing with the weight of the jewelry and it affects swiftness of ascent when rapture happens. I won’t poke on this matter further, but I’d say I’ve gotten into the other fence and took practicality as my way of life.

Hence, I get adornments not really as a blatant violation of the dogma, but today’s world demand one should have a practical fall back whenever moments of truth pursues you. So sometimes you see me looking for mother’s ring designs as I know it’s a realistic piece of contingency, who knows, in the future.

Why keeping pets at home benefits children?

Long lost feathered friends
So we’ve been reading a lot of articles on why keeping pets can have a positive effect on children. I’m a little over the top on this idea too and as much as possible keep pets at home. While there can be many advantages, here are three of my most observable trait;

It promotes self-esteem and teaches them responsibility. Simple tasks such as walking the dog around in ground dog fence, filling in the bird bowl with seeds of just simply tossing in carrots at the rabbit’s cage gives kids a sense of accomplishment.

It lessens loneliness. When kids come home from school and parents are still at work, somehow children will feel a little lonely with no mama coming in the entrance to meet them. Pets are loyal, especially the dogs which are more expressive than the other pets. Seeing them excited to meet the kids at the doorway gives the kids some kind of alleviation from loneliness.


What’s your family’s summer travel plan?

What’s your family’s summer travel plan?

Hello there!

It’s been a little while since the last time I’ve posted on this blog. I was out of my blogging dashboard mending things I deem necessary to let me go back writing on this blog in peace again. Yeah, we all have this life’s slump moments, right? But what’s important is that we always believe that there’s always a good and beneficial resolution for everybody to finding our way out of our setbacks.

Well, I guess I did a good job and now I’m sanely back and currently prepping for our road trip to Britania Islands. I really find it necessary to bring the children out of their usual environment once in a while. Well, even adults need to shift gears and wind down a bit too.


Pinypon in the house

My daughter has progressed, if that’s the app term, from playing Barbie to Lalaloopsy to another set of rubber toys far from looking like the two mentioned. They’re way too small, they look far too different too. Her friends have been talking about them every time they have this girl talk.

They’re also a bit pricey for the size. But unlike Barbie and Lalaloopsy where the dress can be changed, these Pinypon dolls, they actually have names, I wasn’t able to ask,  are all different as you can change entirely the look of the doll. The whole rubber hair and the head can be pulled out and can be interchanged. It also has its accessories sold separately and I wonder why they’re priced that stiff when they’re so tiny.

I always have this argument with his father because he always promise to buy whenever his daughter hits the target grade and my daughter always prove her point to get what she wanted in exchange. So now, she has a boxful of rubber dolls with tiny bags, shoes and many more under her bed.

 photo Pinypon.jpg

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